Saturday, August 1, 2009

A night out!

I am off on a girls' night for a good friend's birthday. Normally I'd be jumping for joy, but there are a couple of complications this time.

Complication one: I have not been well the last couple of days. Not really sick, just not well. Aching bones, lethargic, headachy, nauseous. As the flu is rampant up here at the moment I suspected it may progress into temps and feeling worse, but it has not. So I will polish meself up and smile and chatter, and try to keep up but I suspect I may not last too long.

Complication two: I was the designated driver, and going to get everyone home, but as I know I will want to leave earlier than the die hards it will upset some.

Complication three: the *stalker*. She is a fringe-dweller in this group, and apparently knows of this night out. I had told others that it was not an issue for me as long as she was civil, polite, etc, and I would even drive her home. It was the birthday girl's decision NOT to invite her, as she would not be comfortable with the tension. I can understand why, she doesn't really consider this person a friend, and was worried that this person would not be adult enough to get over herself and talk to me. But I know I will be blamed for this. I will be the one excluding her, because in her strange little mind, I am the one at fault here. Even though I wanted to talk and clear the air, and I was not the one obsessed, I am responsible for all her problems! And I think as I am not 100% it is getting to me more than it has for the last couple of weeks.

Would dearly love to rug up and sit at home in front of a roaring fire.

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