Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life, amusement and the general rolling on of just being...

Life rolls on. All has settled down in our world other than swine flu in the school, manicness in the co-ordinating of the school trivia night (whose smart idea was it to volunteer for that role?), and the general fast pace of life.

Someone said to me when all the drama hit (and the betrayal of someone you had considered a friend for 5 years does hit hard no matter how old you are), "You cannot control the actions of others." She did not mention anything about not being amused by those actions, however.

I am observing a situation which greatly tickles my funny bone. The former friend turned stalker is now cosying up to people she formerly loathed in the hope of winning some insane, all in her head, popularity competition. These are women she has ranted about, especially one who she has called a skank, a whore, and a slut based on witnessing a harmless flirting session many years back at her son's soccer training. She has also hates both their children, and calls them names I will not repeat.

I should be ashamed that I am finding this so hilarious. I should, at my age, be more mature about it. It is all so high school. But it has been made all the more interesting by her progressing to badmouthing others she still supposedly calls friends. I am not the only one she is targeting, now others are watching, shaking their heads as they realise what a little dog she really is. You have to laugh, it is so obvious, and her actions are truly funny. Wonder what these acquaintances would think if the MULTITUDE of people she has slandered these women to (and it is a lot of people) were to let out her true opinions?

I don't intend to, and I hope no-one else does. It would spoil the fun, and a good giggle is so healthy! I know I should feel pity for someone with such a screwed up mind, but surely laughter is better than anger. And I feel so free without this emotional cesspool in my life! Woohoo, bring on the show! Sorry, bit carried away for a minute there...

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