Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Invisible Boy.

He walks, invisible. They move around him as if he is not there, because, for them, he is not.

No one acknowledges his presence, nobody stops to say "Hello" or even nod.

My. Heart. Breaks.

How can they not see the brilliance of his smile?

How is the warmth of his heart ignored?  How can they be so cruel in their dismissal? They are teenagers, that is how. Even those who have grown up with him now move aside as he passes.  Alone.

One friend, just one. It is all it takes.

Has nobody learnt that loneliness can kill?



Please... anybody? Somebody? Help him. Save him.


Suz @ Segovia and The I Love You Song said...

My heart breaks to read this. I fear it is ahead of us too. Sending so much love and support. I wish I had answers xoxo

Sarah said...

So bloody heart breaking MM - I wish I had answers too.

Sending you a huge hug! xx

Colin Wee said...

Have you thought of taking it up with the school and getting them to review classroom management policies? Staggering recess times? Allocating students to a buddy-buddy system? There are things that can be done before you even find yourself that perfect playmate. Colin

Madmother said...

This is high school Colin, and yes we have spoken to them.

No, it is not something they will do. It is a small school, capped at 250 students.

Wish there was a buddy or mentoring system as in primary school, but none of the local schools do that in the older age group.

The teachers adore him, and their honest opinion is that it will take time. We are monitoring him and the situation closely, and are not averse to changing schools if we need to.
But for now he does not wish to, and we need to respect that.

It is far harder when they are older. Play dates and the such are not as simple to organise, and the "cool" factor comes into it.

We are lucky he has his two best friends outside the school, but it does not make the school day any less lonely.

The Kids Are All Right said...

Being a mum can be so heartbreaking. I still think the school could be more proactive. I've shared your post on The Kids Are All Right facebook page.

E. said...

I've got nothing helpful to say. Just that it sucks. I hope that time does help.

Madame Menopause said...

My heart aches to read this and I recognise it all too well. My son has Asperger's. He turned 16 a week ago and it's not quite as hard now as it used to be. He has two very good friends (took him a few years to make them) and they are both good boys. And my evil ex is about to take my 'invisible boy' far away, away from his secure base and support network, having already disrupted his life and schooling 8 months ago. And my heartache is now turning icy as the chill of fear creeps in.
People will see the person your boy is, MM. They will. I used to tell my son that even one friend was enough and it's true. I'm glad your boy has one. It can make all the difference. Good luck to you both.

Leanne said...

My chest hurts reading this MM ... I have no answers ... just hope.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Aching along with you.


Anonymous said...

My heart hurts for you. I am a mother of a fifteen year old boy on the Autism Spectrum and this is so familiar to me!
My son Josh will be entering high school this August and I too feel like you....just one friend!
I just found your blog and I look sooo forward to reading every entry. Thanks for sharing your stories :)