Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When Parents Go Feral...

Look, I of all people know there are times you have to advocate for your kid or kids. But I also know there is a time you butt out and let them work things out themselves. Some people DON'T know how to or are incapable of letting it happen.

I am sitting smack bang in a situation created by an interfering parent. We send our kids to school and entrust their welfare to the teachers on a daily basis. They see our kids in a different dynamic to their mammas and pappas, and they also probably understand the class/friend energies better at times too.

My two are off to the Grade 6/7 camp. The kids were allowed to work out there own cabins, their own combinations. We were told to stay out of it (but nicely, I'm just pissed and writing abruptly), and in all honesty, I figured the teachers knew well enough which combos could spell disaster, and the kids themselves would bring it up if it arose.

All good. Then a parent goes in, carries on, changes have to be made and boom:

one spectacularly upset apple cart.

God there are some idiots in this place.

And as I said in my conversation with the teacher, I fully recognise that they are doing their best, it is just a shame someone has to make it all so hard for everyone. And like dominoes the repercussions flow down the line... With my kids smack bang in the middle of it. Which means I now have to be one of those interfering parents and delve in and advocate for them. Not happy Jan.


Anonymous said...

bloody helicopter parents, how do their kids ever grow up if they arre not allowed to mess up!!

Madmother said...

I think I have a tendency to be one of these so consciously try to make sure I don't! Agree totally, kids need to make their own decisions, mistakes, choices. Otherwise you end up with an adult reminiscent of Frank from Some Mother's Do Have 'Em.