Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Reading a topic on a parenting website: What do I do about a teacher bullying my child?

A potential minefield of drama waiting to be entered. We all know as parents we can be overprotective of our little darlings, we all are familiar with that lioness roaring from within when one of our cubs is unhappy.

But seriously, if your child was being bullied (and I do not use that term lightly) by a teacher what would you do? If you had watched the reaction of other teachers at other complaints, and that pack mentality scared you, what steps would you take?

If the principal told you "Be prepared, if you follow through this will be bigger than Ben Hur..." would you still take action? Especially if they were someone whose opinion you trusted?

If you thought your child was resilient, they seemed to be coping, there was only to the end of the year to get through, they nor their sibling was prepared to consider changing schools, would you let it ride?

Would you?

And if that year of being held up to ridicule, being belittled, having the teacher lead the other children in actions somewhat resembling Lord of the Flies, if that then changed your kid into a fearful, anxious, angry child, what could you do, how would you feel?

These are people we entrust with our children's well being...

Scared, fragile, damaged. Humpty Dumpty was never put together again. EVER.


Sarah Mac said...

I stamp down on the first signs of bullying be it from another child or a teacher I have zero tolerance.

I don't mean I go in all guns blazing and I would be prepared to listen to different view points but the bottom line is, my child's welfare and happiness is my main priority and nothing will stand in the way of my making sure they are happy, secure and feeling valued.

Sorry, bit of a rant but this is close to home. I moved my daughter to a different school in year 6 (surely one of the worst times to move a child) because the school she was at wouldn't acknowledge or deal with a bullying situation that became so severe my daughter developed an anxiety rash all over her body that could only be controlled with steroids.

The change was the best thing we ever did and she is happy now (2 years on) has a group of great friends and achieves top marks in all subjects, something that probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't taken the steps I did.

Lisa said...

You were THERE, weren't you MM?
I know I've written this story somewhere. I just can't find it.

The story of the Traumatic Year Two, and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Not on my blog, not in my drafts folder (although part one of Speedy's story is there).

It was a very frightening story, with a happy (albeit drawn out) ending.

If I really can't find it, I'll write it. No time today - errands ho!