Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The meaning of life. Right now I am pondering the meaning of life here at this blog. What do I want from here? What is this blog to me, or more importantly to others?

When I began this blog over two years ago the community was small, tight, supportive. Now so much of it is about earning potential, stats, hits, comments, followers.

I have never been one to run with the crowd and crowded the blogosphere has become.

Is this why I am not drawn here as I once was? Is it why I do not have the yearning to write like I once did?

Maybe it is because I am writing my tales of fantasy for my dear friend, sending them off with love. Maybe that is filling the hole once satisfied by blogging?

Maybe I am sick of commenting and supporting those who offer none back? Only some, not all, but their silence pisses me off to be perfectly honest.

Maybe I feel the blogosphere is not the place I need to look to for ideas, ideals, friendship?

Maybe it is time for change.

I just don't know anymore.


OurGangof7 said...

I know what you mean. I use my blog as a place to just put my ideas and thoughts and as so often happens a place to vent my frustrations. It is disheartening though when you see the numbers go up and know that people have visited but no one comments. Sometimes you feel like you are talking to no one. I know I am far from perfect and read many blogs and don't comment as much as I should. I do try but I know that at times I fail miserably.

I think you are right about blogging though, it seems to be turning into a money making type of thing rather than a friendship and support place. It is sad but I guess that is just the way things go.

Jen said...

I totally, completely, 100% relate to this!

I don't begrudge anyone the success they are achieving in blogging thRough their hard work and growing readership but it does feel in many ways as though that success and this giant push right now to recognize Aussie Bloggers etc is stripping away and personal touch of blogging and making it feel commercial!

I don't have the time nor energy to make blogging my work, yet many people are approaching it in that way. It's feeling as though your success is based on who you know and not who you are.

I have no idea either where I want my blog to go...I have ideas which could help other people which I'd love to work on and launch when I have time, but in the same token, what's the point in putting in time and effort if it won't be recognised as worthy of reading?

Oi...I've gone off on my own tangent now! I really hope you don't stop blogging, the blogosphere would be an incredibly dull place without you in it! xo

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

You know me, if i can do both on my blog, I will. Lately I got drawn in a little, you know, questioning my style, what I had to say, wondering about the audience and the opportunity. And spent so much time on freaking twitter I barely got around to my blog reads.

But I made a decision yesterday that I would go back to what I know, what I love and what I'm good at. And while I still welcome the financial side {I get a lot of goodies in the mail these days} it won't be what the blog is there for.

If you decide not to keep up the blog, make sure you visit me on fb or email me sometimes, ok...? xo

Curvaceous Queen said...

Perhaps it isn't the Blogosphere that has changed but as you've grown what you need isn't what it once was. For me blogging is like a mirror rather than a window.

Leanne said...

Yep. You are speaking familiar sounding thoughts.
Just get back to your "why". Why you did it in the first place? And if that doesn't fit anymore then maybe it's time to rethink. The good thing about many things in life ... including blogging ... is you can press pause anytime you like and come back some day down the track when it feels right. Unless you are like me and your entire purpose and WHY was to blog every single freakin day to keep the writer juices flowing. There is no pause button for writing daily! FFS. What was I thinking?! But my WHY is also to write a diary of my life and perhaps in the process give a little support and encouragement to others. I like what Curvaceaous Queen said ... a mirror not a window. That is definitely what my blog is for me. What is your blog for you?
Great topic MM. Certainly got my brain whirring.
Love your work. Would hate to see you go ...
Glad you have come into my world.

Kakka said...

Well I would miss you MM. I made the decision right from the start that my blog was just for me, not for financial gain, not to be the biggest and so far I am happy with that decision.

The goals and the needs of you blog should be yours to decide and yours alone.

I love the Muse Wars, but it was so hard to get others involved - I certainly loved reading your stories. I am glad you are finding a way of using that wonderful talent to send stories to your dear friend. I hope she is okay and will come out the other side fully well again.


Kymmie said...

I think it's good to be in the place you're in. I've got a post very similar to this and it's in drafts. One day I'll schedule it. Just... not yet.

Soon though.

Thanks for your honesty. (visiting from Sugar Coat It). x