Monday, October 25, 2010

The Eulogy

I have been struggling terribly, procrastinating and putting it at the bottom of my list but this morning I have no choice. I have to write her eulogy.

A lovely friend (whose blog is private, so I will not post a link) has given me the start. She posted a poem for me on her blog and I am taking the beginning to start the eulogy with. Thanks Sal - you have no idea how much this means and has helped:

And I am no longer with you
Let no tears fall or sorrow prevail
When you see your reflection shimmer in the water
Smile and know that I see your smile
When you feel the cool grass beneath your feet
And the sun's warmth upon your back
Know that I feel it also
When you hear the leaves rustling in the wind
Know it is my voice softly whispering to you

And so now I am going to go off into a corner, and sit and try to bring to life a wonderful woman for many who have never had the joy of meeting her, and only know her through my words. I am blessed to have so many beautiful souls in my life who are attending to support me, and because they feel they know her via myself and the boys. Some family is flying in but most are elderly and frail themselves, as are her old friends from our home town. But I have had long, lovely phone conversations with many and know we are in their hearts and prayers.

I must admit the only thing that has disappointed me is the resonant silence from one who proclaimed to be a friend. But I guess this is the time that people's true colours are revealed and I am better off knowing.


E. said...

That poem is lovely. I hope that it and writing the eulogy can bring you some small comfort.

Thinking of you and your family.

Kimmie said...

Thinking of you!



Ro said...

Thinking of you and your boys, (((hugs))) and blessings to you all, WW is watching over you all still xxx.

Kakka said...

What a beautiful poem. Good luck my dear friend with what must be the hardest task. Sending you strength and cyber hugs as you walk this long and painful road to goodbye. xxx

Jen said...

Beautiful Poem. Thinking of you MM xo