Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Muse Wars - The Remix - Part 2

Yes, once again Lori has posted Muse Wars.

As soon as I set my eyes on this photo I knew the temptation was too great - I had to post my Blog This winning entry from many moons ago. THIS one.

I think I will be back to post a new entry, I hope I will anyway... but this month is crammed full of social committments so I will make no promises.

But you should join in. Go on, have a go!

Oh, and please, do comment. It is pretty disappointing when the traffic is high but the comments are low. Especially when it is others who have joined in and that I always comment on myself. M'kay?


1 comment:

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

LOL I can't believe I forgot about that one from the first time round!!

Here's the linky link- so sorry I forgot it! xxx