Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on The ASD Ride...

A woman walks into a supermarket.

Bumps into a woman who had cared for her child in a Long Day Care Centre many moons back. Woman asks, "So, how is Boy 1 doing?"

The first woman says "Excellent, doing wonderfully well at High School (this was before reports released and she learnt just HOW wonderfully well said child was doing), and has submitted a childrens' book to Penguin."

Second woman beams, and replies "I always knew he would do incredible things, he just had that aura about him."

They part, first woman walks off with husband who looks bemused and asks, "Did she?"

Woman one giggles quietly, looks around and states, "Oh, I'm sure she did. Which is why she isolated him, berated him and generally made him feel boxed in. And why I requested politely to the Director that she was removed from contact with him, or changed her tune quick smart. Shame she left so suddenly."

This was the person my little boy had nightmares about. The one the then four year old told me had "shoved me in a box Mummy, but I didn't fit. So she kept pushing me in until she could shut the lid."

How they forget. But mothers have a long memory, especially mothers who have had to fight tooth and nail for things that NEVER should have to be fought for.

Don't think I will be sending her that signed first edition. Don't think so at all.


menopausal mama said...

Nice blog you have here--I found you through Quirkygrandmother. Love this story--thanks for sharing!

BarbMc said...

Love your blog! I have a 7 year old aspie and your blog gives me inspiration
....I love your style!