Friday, September 21, 2012

FYBF - The Early Hours

I have no idea what the theme will be for today's FYBF. I have no inkling of what I should be writing of. It is 4.30 in the morning and I am up insolently insomniacing again.

I do not suffer from this as frequently as I once did, or maybe it is a lull in my slackening sleep cycle... a minute respite in the big scheme of my life? But it does not matter, for here and now I am awake once more.

I am not here often nowadays. The driven need for the written word has left me; well, that and the fact that I am quite aware of the poisonous eyes who peruse these pages, yearning for a tainted titbit, a morsel of information they can take and twist, a last minute grasp of evil to be used before we leave the school by which we are connected.
 *Waves* Grins* Laughs at how powerless and small these amoeba women are*

My life and the joy in it must seriously frustrate the fuck out of those two.

Life moves on.

It is 4.30am.

My younger son, for all the turmoil of this year and the actions of those who should know better, aced his Year 7 NAPLAN. Seriously ACED. My older son is blossoming more and more, thriving in the hothouse nature of his small private high school, the nurturing, student-focused, positive atmosphere suiting him to a tee. And he has a lead role in the local drama group's play. My son with ASD has a LEAD ROLE IN A PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION.

I still miss my mum.

Oh, and my body is aging faster than my paper years. Which is why I wrote this:

*Madmother Ode*
I went off to me doctor
To get me bits all right
She prodded and she poked
Those bits all outa sight

Made me go have pictures
Of inside and of out
Drained me of my blood stuff
(All Twilight fans be proud)

Then she sat me down hard
Solemn and so glum
Told me I was broken
And need to stop me fun

Revealed my knees are dodgy
Some new ones needed soon
And no more derby dancing…
Well, that threw me into gloom

She hauled me off my grog too
Many, many months ago
But whilst my liver smiles more
There’s still a way to go

But I ain’t some little fairy
Not delicate and such
Not gonna go so quietly
It’s time to make a fuss

So, knees just suck it up loves
And liver, you’ll be fine
And if the pain is too much
I’ll just increase the wine!

~Copyright Madmother~

Apologies to those who already read it on FB.

Enough of the drivel. It is now nearly 5am and I am waiting for the sun to rise. We need to order water. We need to go to work. We need to ready the boys for the last day of the second last term of the year.

That is all folks. Toodles!


Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) said...

I often wake in the early hours and think about getting up to write. Maybe I should - def worked for you. Enjoyable reading x

The Kids Are All Right said...

How funny! We were both awake at the same time, writing blog posts about our aging bodies!!! Old people always wake up early Madmother. And high fives to both your boys.

Yvette Bowyer said...

*hugs*... sleepless nights hit everyone once and a while...

I hope you get your sleep sorted soon!!

The ode is powerful! :)

Popping over from FYBF :)

Jess@Diary of a SAHM said...

First I wanna say a huge congratulations to your boy; that is flipping awesome and such an accomplishment. You must be very proud.

Secondly, it makes me sad that the haters can stop us expressing ourselves. Why do people have to sink so low?

themodernparent said...

I don't think I would make nearly that much sense at that hour! Well done :)

Mimsie said...

Just popped in for a quick visit and really enjoyed your poem. How true as we age that bits and pieces go awry on us. I found your blog on my daughter kakka's blog so hope you don't mind me paying you a visit.

Sarah said...

Funnily enough I wrote a post about insomnia this week AND I wrote a poem (ok, some words that kind of rhymes anyway). Insomnias a bitch, right up there with the haters. Glad to see nither are supressing your sense of humour and well done to both your boys!

Grace said...

Wow! Your creative juices are overflowing at 4:30 am!
Love it!
And a huge congrats to your boy. You must be bursting with pride xxx

Leanne said...

How that hell did you get that creative at 4.30am? I am often up at that time ... but there's not an ounce of poet in me until at least sunrise ....