Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Beautiful Words of Wisdom from a Deepak Boy.

Driving down the mountain to pick up Boy's best mate C for a few days, I asked my oldest what he would say about Asperger Syndrome if he was trying to explain it to a room full of people. Now, you need to remember he is only 13 and still finding his path on this journey. But I was curious, after reading another blog and discussion on the topic, as to exactly what he would say.

Boy 1 today - Copyright Madmother
"It is embracing your own kind of normal" he begins, "Whilst there are things it makes me struggle with, it also gives me a different outlook on the world and uniqueness creates greatness." At this point I am struggling not to tear up.
I ask him what would he do to explain it to people who don't know anything about Asperger Syndrome, to pretend he is a motivational speaker (which he dreams of), in a big hall with lots of people who have no idea about ASD.

He is quiet for a little. I ask him if it is too hard... "No, just unexpected and I need to think about my answer."

He is silent for a moment longer.

"Asperger Syndrome means you are different, not bad or good, it just means you are different. You stand out from the rest. You should enjoy it because it means you are a unique individual. It also means those hyper-senses can be used to your advantage.
Keep an open mind and you may learn new things. I would tell them about the things I found hard when I was younger, like noises and changes, and writing. I would also explain that these things are less hard now I am older. They also need to think how they are different and how it would make them feel if people teased them or tried to make them feel bad. Maybe if they talked to or asked us kids on the spectrum they would find out we like the same things and can be friends. Everybody needs friends. I am really lucky with my friends.

Do you think that would be good Mum?"

Yes, my son I think that would be very good. If only we could teach everyone to embrace the unique, wouldn't the world be a wonderful place? I adore my own little Deepak, he makes this world a positive place.

On this same note, a friend on Facebook just this minute sent me this link, ties in nicely methinks (though about ADD, it also resonates for ASD).



Unknown said...

wow - what a great answer. You must be so proud of his wisdom and confidence at such a young age.

Madmother said...

He leaves me breathless with his incredible confidence and pure heart. I never dreamt he would be in such an incredibly wonderful place at this point.

He makes me so incredibly proud of who he is, yes.

Ro said...

He's a gifted one, MM ;)

cjtato said...

Amazing kid! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Cathy

Suzi - Under The Windmills said...

Brilliantly said. He will make a wonderful motivational speaker one day!

E. said...

Such wise words. He is a credit to you and to himself. So beautiful and heartfelt.

Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit said...

OMG! Tingles MM ... I feel like printing out those words and framing them! That would make a great Foreword for his book MM.

jo said...

Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all 'normal'. Me, I do my very best to stray from 'the path' every chance I get.
Words of wisdom and 'vive la difference' INDEED!!!